Exhibition title: INDIGO - ANCSA WEIDE

Duration: 9 February 2024 - 25 February 2024

Opening date: Friday 9 February 2024, 18h

Location: DAVID GALLERY 1-2 / 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 6-8

Responding to changes in the world around us and within us is not as easy as it might seem. Since every action generates a reaction, it is no small responsibility to make new choices to turn our actions to our advantage, recognising the eternal permanence of change. 

Change is difficult and must start from within. Like walking the noble eightfold path, which is not an easy daily task. The first, the - Right Mindset. The second is - Right Intention. The third is - Right Speech. Fourth is - Right Action. Fifth, is - Right Livelihood, and the sixth is - Right Effort. Seventh is the - Correct Vigilance - Being present, attentive, learning from life - and finally the eighth is the - Correct Contemplation - Self-Inquiry. But if all this is done then the cycle starts all over again, because introspection, if turned in the right direction, gives us the right perspective from which right intention flows. With this practice, whether it is expressed in art or any other creative life process, the upward spiral starts almost automatically and shows its incredible uplifting power. 

Drawing strength from the difficulties, rewriting our story, we change ourselves and our environment with an almost imperceptible sensitivity. And the self-discovery aspect of art is in fact the origin of change. An opportunity worth seizing.

It is with these thoughts that I offer Ancsa Weide's honest and energetic artwork, which is not just about her, but about us. / Norbert David

Exhibited Works of Art


"I am a certified tattoo artist Ancsa Weide, born in Zalaegerszeg, and I still live in my hometown. I started tattooing in 2008 and opened my first studio in Zalaegerszeg in 2009. During many years of hard work, I have achieved a lot of recognition in my profession, both abroad and at home. Then in 2015, a family tragedy changed my life and I found myself in painting, putting my feelings and memories on canvas. When I was painting, I felt I could hide from the world around me and create my own little dimension where I could forget all my pain and let my imagination run free without any ties. I started to learn about brushes, paints and accessories in a self-taught way. I experimented with oils, acrylics, experimented with styles, textures. At that time I created some very sad works, which are still hidden in a corner of my studio.

They say there is good in all bad things. And yes, it was here that the love between me and canvas began, and has continued and grown ever since.

In 2017, my paintings of the beauty of nature, seas, forests and mountains replaced the gloomy and sombre moods. I loved getting lost in this million, but after a while it felt too clichéd, I knew there was more to me than that. In my profession, one of my outstanding strengths is realistic portraits, so I tried to translate them onto canvas. I love to show the beauty, the charms, the forms of the WOMAN. I like to express a feeling, to convey a momentary mood. With our fast-paced world, I felt that I had to paint more informative pictures, to show from my perspective the current society of today.

As a result, in 2023, my painting took a new direction again, in which I create a bridge between today's distorted world and the realistic values it represents, by creating a contrast with the content and colours of my paintings. My paintings reflect the present age, I feel this is my way.

This is how my new collection was born and is constantly expanding.

I am deeply touched by the work of Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Gudanski.I am full of ideas , and I hope the art suppliers will supply me with canvas and paint. 

Exhibited Works of Art