Shadows and Lights


Period of time: 28 November 2023, - 21 December 2023

OPENING: 28 November 2023 18h


The exhibition Touched by Paris revives the influence of the French capital on art and tries to present the painting style which is also a kind of heritage of the pictorial fulfillment of the representation. In terms of representation, the artists in the exhibition almost pass the baton into each other's hands, which lives as a flame of inspiration from the late Renaissance to the 21st century. even today in sz. The main theme of the exhibition is capturing light and shadow, achieving pure painting.

It is noteworthy that artists looked for new ways of representation not only in the avant-garde, but also in figurative painting, mainly through the works of masters who lived in the old centuries.

For many artists, neofigurativity was a necessary step out of the moral and aesthetic disillusionment created after the war. This human-centered movement, which started in France and spread rapidly, started with existentialism led by Sartre and spread to other art forms and other countries in Europe, which was looking for new goals and ideals. In many cases, artists working in the new representational style turned to hyperrealism, where precise observation ranges from still life to figurative compositions. This genre also functions as a kind of experimental medium, which can most easily bring them to the idea of ​​pure painting through the theme of still life or human representation, which has no deeper meaning, is beautiful for its own sake, without symbols.

In most of the themes in the evening, they did not capture the symbolism of the depicted fish or flowers, but rather the intense, colorful sight. They were looking for exciting, vibrant and, moreover, easily observable subjects for a long time, from which they honestly undertook to create a painting. Just for itself.

The modeling of human bodies and the new content gave painters increasingly difficult tasks. The excited response was to the image construction set up by the works of Caravaggio and the mastery of painterly naturalism. Figurative artists, like Caravagio, are primarily interested in the human body; as a shoulder twists or the skin creases on a backward neck. With raw naturalism, the artist presents bodies exposed to light and shadows. He often does all of this in a bleak environment without touchstones, in which the viewer is only referred to the main theme, to learn about the wonder of anatomy and painting. The aim is far from eroticism or the depiction of the perfect body, but on the contrary, the perception of real flesh and blood, i.e. the fundamental issues of naturalism, combined with the spatial arrangement of the figures and the sharp light-shadow contrast.

The exhibition Touched by Paris is about the magic of painting, where the subject of the pictures is actually the image creation itself. The adventure of painting light and shapes, like the masters of the 17th century, in the 20th century. through the artists of the 20th century to the new technologies.

Artists in the exhibition:

Robert Nadler (1858 -1938)

Tibor Csernus (1927 -2007)

Livia Vajda (1929 – 2011)

Christophe de Callatay

Istvan Sandorfi (1948 – 2007)

Elvira Marko Radler (1973 - )

David Norbert (1970 – )

Bela Balog (1970 - )

Robert NADLER: Seaside white rocks / oil on canvas / 40 x 50 cm / in frame

Tibor CSERNUS: Fish market / oil on canvas (private property),

Istvan SANDORFI: ISTVAN SANDORFI 1948 - Hungarian School SELF-PORTRAIT LIKE THE SIAMOIS BROTHERS or THE PROMENADE OF THE INVISIBLES (1979) Canvas Sig. on reverse June 1979, titled - 146.5 x 114 cm - Unframed" Lit.: "Sandorfi" Ed. Maklary Art Works, 2007, repr." Exp. : Istvan Sandorfi Galerie Isy Brachot, Brussels 1980, exhibition cat.

Livia Vajda: La ville imaginerie / 58 x 80 cm, La cruche bleue / 35 x 45 cm,

Christophe de CALLATAY: Kagemusha / OIl on canvas, 80x60cm, 2019, Leonardo Oil on canvas, 50x40cm, 2020

Elvira MARKO RADLER: Self-acceptance is mental balance I.-II. / 120x100 cm /oil in water, acrylic, canvas

DAVID Norbert: The limit of light / oil - canvas / 130 x 127 cm / framed / 2021,

Bela BALOG: A Sweet Memory of Youth / 52x76 cm / digital art, Feast of Youth / 62x85cm / digital art, Deal / 96x64 cm / digital art